Tjikko Floral [pronouced chik-koh] takes it’s inspiration from Old Tjikko, a 9,550 year-old Norway Spruce, located on Fulufjället Mountain of Dalarna province in Sweden and one of the oldest known clonal trees in the world. The tree itself, is only a few hundred years old, but the roots have survived for much longer due to a process known as vegetative cloning (when the trunk dies, the root system survives and sprouts a new trunk).

Taking inspiration from these ancient roots and intuitive life sources, Tjikko Floral takes us to deep, forever unfurling, interconnected ecosystems and utopian worlds, flourished with floral colour, infinite variation, moist and mossy, dry and arid, prolific biodiversity, intricate shapes, coral-like organisms. Tjikko allows you to explore and get lost in your own inner wilderness.

We are committed to sustainable and holistic earth impact floristry practices. We aim to: source Australian flowers only, buy seasonally, avoid plastics, never buy floral foam, reuse, repurpose, compost and ensure waste is minimised at every step.

Margie Jean Lewis trained as a florist in the UK and has lived in Dublin, Ireland for the past 12 years, having only just returned home to Adelaide, Australia. Before flowers took over her life, Margie was a full-time musician. She continues to work as a solo and collaborative artist.